Our Mission

Brendan’s MeadDogs Playing on the Meadowows Rescue is an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit, no kill dog rescue and placement organization incorporated in 2009. We are comprised of a small group of devoted volunteers who are committed to giving dogs a second chance in life. Our mission is to find an optimal forever home for all the dogs that cross our paths.
Dogs that enter the Brendan’s Meadows family are with us for various reasons. They were either surrendered due to difficult circumstances, unwanted, abused, neglected or did not get the unconditional love they deserve. At BMR we provide them with all they need. All dogs are seen by a veterinarian and have health certificates prior to adoption.  They receive the age appropriate vaccinations, get spayed/neutered, microchipped, and administered preventative medications (heartworm, flea treatment and dewormed) once in our care.
At Brendan’s Meadows our foster families not only provide food, shelter and love; we also make a conservative effort to train and socialize our rescues. We do not have a physical shelter; we operate primarily through our foster homes, online data bases and adoption events.  We primarily save dogs from local tri-state area kill shelters as well as from the South and Midwest US. Brendan’s Meadows is committed to assisting the reduction of homeless dogs. We never euthanize due to the lack of space or time constraints.

Our Vision: The Meadow

Our future gLuxury Kenneloal is to have a farm-like dog sanctuary that will be designed to house 100 or so dogs that are in search of forever homes. At the sanctuary dogs will not have to worry about their time running out. All of our BMR dogs will have a warm place to sleep, food and love. They will be able to live their life on the farm until the optimal home arises or until they cross the Rainbow Bridge.

 Major Milestones

We are approaching 100 dogs saved since we started in November of 2009! This was accomplished with very few foster homes and a lot of dedication from all of the volunteer members of BMR and the support of our extended BMR family. So far BMR has had the following milestones:
October 2009: Kerry Mooney founded Brendan’s Meadows Rescue in honor of her father, Brendan Mooney.

November 2009: BMR received 501(c)3 status.

February 20, 2015: Thanks to BMR’s efforts, the Greenbrier Humane Society in West Virginia celebrated its first year without any euthanizations due to lack of space.

We cannot save the world; however, to the animals that cross our paths, we are their world!