Become a Foster Family

PuppyBrendan’s Meadows Rescue 501(c)3 relies solely on foster homes to help save lives. Fostering is the most direct way you can save a dog’s life. There is nothing more rewarding than taking a homeless, unwanted dog into your life and home and becoming the bridge to finding them a forever home. You are offering them a second chance at a great life, which they truly deserve. Fostering for Brendan’s Meadows Rescue is how we save lives and provide dogs with the opportunity to have that forever home with unconditional love. Fostering means bringing a dog into your home and treating him as your own beloved companion. Foster homes are needed for various lengths of time ranging from short term (a few weeks) to long term (several months). A commitment to foster is on a per-dog basis, and we welcome occasional as well as ongoing foster families. As a foster family, your experience with the dog will help BMR identify the family that will be the best match for the dog; where he/she can flourish and bring tremendous joy for many years to come. You will learn their temperament, personality, needs, likes, dislikes, and level of training.

Sound good so far? Here are more things to consider when making this decision to help save a life:

  • We encourage families that already have dogs and cats to foster, as this is key socialization for our rescue dogs, as many prospective adopters already have one or more pets.
  • You should be able to spend time with your foster dog. They do not require an abundance of time; most of our fosters work full-time jobs. Overall, your most important responsibility is to prepare your foster for his/her new life in his/her forever home.
  • All expenses are taken care of by Brendan’s Meadows Rescue, which includes all necessities and vet care. However, you will be asked to take the dog to the vet and possible adoption events.
  • All kinds of dogs need our help.  Don’t rule out fostering because you feel you have some limitations. These wonderful dogs would rather be enjoying the comforts of your home and the love of your family than sitting in a frightening, cold shelter wondering when their time is going to run out.

If this experience sounds exciting and rewarding to you, please fill out our foster home application, download the form from here or contact Christi at or 732-860-8289, and a foster application will be sent to you. We will then set up a home visit to meet you and your family. Finally, if you know others who would be interested in fostering, please share this with them. The number of dogs we can rescue is directly proportionate to the number of foster homes we have.

We are always looking to expand our foster network and save more lives… Remember, when one dog is pulled from a shelter, you’re really saving two: That shelter cage is free and gives the opportunity for another dog to be saved as well!