We’ve started 2017 with a bang! 9 dogs have been saved since January 1st and we are continuing this notable pace today. We may be a relatively small rescue, but with your help, we’re growing into one that is truly making a difference in the rescue community. Below you will find a list of dogs placed by BMR so far, as well as four stories about the lives we knew were worth saving. Be sure to check out our picture gallery at the bottom as well!

Lives Saved!
Chance: Cattle Dog
Austin: Yellow Lab mix
Winston: Pointer mix
Ranger: Black lab mix
Jakimo (Jake): Lab mix
Zeus: White GSD
Oakley: Lab mix
Tigger: (Brindle Dane mix)
Luke: (Brindle Dane/Hound Mix)
Tucker: (Hound mix)
Cinnamon: (Hound mix)
Spirit: (Heeler mix)
Pepper: (Black lab)
Red: (Lab mix)
Charlie: (Chocolate Lab Mix)
Missy: (Black and Tan Coonhound
2015 :
Charlie: Pointer mix
Maddie : GSD
Jameson: Redbone mix
Bailee: Black lab
Rock; Pointer
Grayson : Black Lab
Charlie: Black Lab
Molly: Lab/Whippet mix
Toby : Ridgeback mix
Coco: Pit bill mix
Frankie: Wheaten Terrier ,
Bella:   Shepard mix,
Paddy: Hound
Dusty: Red Tick Hound
Booker: Hound mix
Linus: Hound mix
Harris: Black Lab
Diane/Hanna: Small Black Dog – adoption pending
Blackie (Mason): Black Lab – Foster Claudine and Paul
Luke: Yellow Lab: Mike Tears, Cranford, NJ
Blackjack: (Jack) Black Lab – Kevin and Anna Deacon, Westfield, NJ
Trooper: Black GSD – Danielle Reed, Roselle Park, NJ
Josie: Redbone Coonhound mix – Terri P and Toni, Metuchen, NJ
Darcy: Pointer/Hound mix – Dan Junaz, Manalapan, NJ
Lucy: Hound Pup mix – Michelle Bodtmann, Roselle Park, NJ
JJ: Hound Pup mix – Stacie Wolfe, Cranford, NJ
Brandy: Hound Pup mix – Todd Mooney, Clark, NJ
Wilson: Black Lab Hound Pup mix – Kathi Cray, Roselle Park, NJ
Lucy 2: Hound Pup mix – Judy, Chatham, NJ
Catch: Redbone Hound mix – Mary Chiusano, Scotch Plains, NJ
Castle: Boxer Mix – Linda Hapstak, Woodbridge, NJ
Dahl: Plott Hound – Beth Kirsch, Westfield, NJ
Vlad: Redbone Coonhound – Susan and Matt Romano, PA
Nika: Shepherd mix – Kathi, Union, NJ
Demi: Heeler mix – Clara Zimmer, PA
Aspen: Yellow Lab – Dr. Sweeny, Kenilworth, NJ
Colten: Yellow Lab – James Michie, Cranford, NJ
Frost: Poodle mix – Janice Ousterman, Cranford, NJ
Ranger: Mountain Feist – Cathy Baxter, Cranford, NJ

Jake: Tree Walker Hound NY – Liz Keller at Glen Wild
Ruger: (Shadow) Black Lab – Sharon and John Mc Dermott, Mountainside, NJ
Demi : (Brandi) Small dog mix – Maureen Kiernan, Staten Island, NY
Leon: (Snickers): Golden Retriever – Kathy and Bob James, Stanhope, NJ
Blade: Black Lab – Dan Junaz, Manalapan, NJ
Darby: Black lab mix (Boddie) – Gail Arkin, Scotch Plains, NJ
Sugar: Yellow Lab mix (Sandy) – Danielle Bloom, Westfield, NJ
Rosco: Black Lab (Shadow) – Gail Underhill, Westfield, NJ
Cashew: Poodle mix – Dawn, Newark, NJ
Clark: Pitbull mix – Liz Keller, Glen Wild, Cherry Valley, NY
Flint: Tree Walk Hound found home by Cause 4 Paws
James: Boxer mix – Steve Syversten, Blairstown, NJ
Alexander: Pointer mix – Trish and Michael Price, Westfield, NJ
Prince: Beagle – Alan Angliongto
Mae (Abby): Redbone Coonhound mix – Susan and Matt Romero, PA
Precious: Redbone Coonhound mix – Rich and Michelle Pfieffer, Roselle Park, NJ
Speedy: Redbone Coonhound mix – Keith McGee, Shrewsbury, NJ
Joyce: Redbone Coonhound mix (Nikki) – Hedy Saprito, Linden, NJ
Maisy: Black GSD Foster to Adopt Liz Rotella, South Plainfield, NJ


Dixie: Hound mix – Coleen McDonough, Cranford, NJ
Dudley: Hound mix – Michelle Fischer, Westfield, NJ
Malcolm: Hound mix – Greg Barton, West Side Manhattan, NY
Prince: Beagle – Linda, Woodbridge, NJ (returned 10/14)
Jingle (Remley): Anatolian mix – Jenn Hagar and James Gosnell, Westfield, NJ
Jangle: Anatolian mix – Sue, Clark, NJ
Torree: Pomeranian – Cathy Mooney, Garwood, NJ
Maya: Yellow Lab – Toni Barbari, Red Bank, NJ
Tabby (Molly): Tree Walker Hound – Pat Melvin, Roselle, NJ
Stewie: Hound mix – Pat and Jane Collins, Westfield, NJ
Bear : Black Lab – Julie Knaz, Mountainside, NJ
Phil: Shitz Tzu – Maggie, Edison, NJ
Lincoln: Yellow Lab – Keehler Family, Westfield, NJ
Brock (Leo): Black GSD – Elizabeth Rotella, South Plainfield, NJ


Heidi: White GSD – Vermont
Gizmo: Shitz Tzu – Westfield
Marla: Tree Walker Hound – Steve Bigotto, Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Stella and Scout: Lab and Shepherd mixes – Allison Taylor, North Plainfield, NJ


Jethro: Pitbull mix – Kerry Mooney, Clark, NJ
Jazzy: Mary Chiusano, Scotch Plains, NJ
Larry: Yellow Lab mix – Cathy Baxter, Cranford, NJ
Luna: Black Lab – Claudine Sheridan, South Plainfield, NJ
Freckles: Bassett hound – Westfield, NJ
Nico: Kathy Bettyman, Cranford, NJ


Mugsy: assisted to New Foundland to find a forever home
Cleo: Yellow Lab – lives in Manhattan and the Hamptons
Meadow: White GSD – John Skowronski, Clark, NJ
Forest: Red Retriever mix – long term foster with Gail Underhill, Westfield, NJ; crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Yellow Jack: Yellow Lab – Chip and family, Berkley Heights, NJ
Dollar and Scruffles: Chihuahuas – Denise Martin
Harley: Denise Martin


Baby and Bear: Chow/rot mixes – Brick, NJ

Featured Stories

Every dog has his or her own unique story.  But there are four particular stories we would like to share with you.  BMR has spent over $10,000 to save the lives of these four dogs, which has depleted our savings. But they are worth every penny! Several generous supporters have made donations to help us defray some of these medical costs.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with heartworm, it can be fatal if left untreated. Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitoes and is very much treatable; a dog can go on to live a very normal life. The treatment is costly – a minimum of $1,000 per dog. BMR could not see putting these three dogs down when we knew we could help them. Please give your dog(s) heartworm preventive medication on a monthly basis!

Meet Luke:

Luke, a yellow Lab mix, was pulled from a high kill shelter in Ohio just days before his time was up.  Luke was suffering; he was in excruciating pain that was never diagnosed until he arrived at BMR.  At 2 years old he could not even sit because his hips were so bad.  We took him to see an orthopedic surgeon who told us after reviewing his X-rays that his “hips were so bad it pains him to look at them.”  Due to severe hip dysplasia, Luke needed a double hip surgery costing over $5,000 and extensive rehabilitation afterwards.  Luke went through his surgery, and with the help of his loving foster (now adoptive parents) he completed his physical therapy and is doing great.  He can do all the things a healthy 2 year old lab should be able to do, including sit down.

Thank you, Mike and Karen.

Meet Prince:

Prince is a Beagle who was heartworm positive at 4 years old because was not given the proper preventative medication by his previous owner.  He was placed in a shelter where they were going to put him to sleep. Brendan’s Meadows stepped in to save Prince and have him treated for heartworm along with a few other parasites.  He is with a wonderful foster family who would like to adopt him as soon as he’s fully recovered.

Thank you, Alan.

Meet Maddy:

Maddy is a heartworm positive 6-year-old German Shepherd who was dumped in a West Virginia kill-shelter for chasing chickens.  The real reason was that she was heartworm positive because her original owners did not provide her with preventative care.  When blood tests were performed the heartworm levels was so severe it could be seen on the slides in her blood.  She is finishing up her treatments in a foster home in WV and will be ready to join a foster home here in New Jersey as soon as she is cleared to travel.

Thank you, Sarah.

Meet Mason:

Mason, aka Blackie, a 1.5-year-old black Lab mix, was going to be put to sleep in the shelter in North Carolina because he was a black dog in the south and had been there too long (a few days.)  BMR committed to saving him and had him vetted.  That is when we found out this poor little guy was in dire need of veterinary attention, being heartworm positive and having a triple play of parasites.  He has been treated and cleared of the whip and round worm and started his final step in the treatment of his heartworm in mid-June.  He is being fostered by a family who is a supporter of BMR and was part of helping get our rescue off and running.

Thank you, Claudine and Paul.


In our gallery you will find a non-comprehensive compilation of pictures of our four-legged friends who found their forever homes thanks to BMR.